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Hold Back the Dark -- Eileen Carr

Dancing Maked Under the Moon -- Eileen Carr



Thank you for stopping by. There’s so much I want to share!

First up: Do Me, Do My Roots, my first chick lit novel, is available for Kindle for the first time. This book changed my life in so many ways. It was my first book with a New York publisher. It was my first book to win awards. It was also the book that helped me heal from so many of the wounds that life had dealt me. I’m thrilled to have it out in a new format. I would like to promise that it will be out for Nook and other e-book formats soon, but I am sllooooowwwww. I promise to announce it on my Facebook page and on Twitter when it’s up. Like me or follow me to stay up to date!

Secondly: My second chick lit novel, Balancing in High Heels, is going to be available on Kindle soon. Here’s the really exciting part: it’s going to be published under its original title. We authors don’t always have a lot of say about what happens with titles and covers. Sometimes that’s a good thing. Un-Bridled is a way better title than the one I’d really chosen for THAT book. This one, though . . . Well, let’s just say I’ve always mourned losing Dancing Naked Under the Moon as the title for the book. Like me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter or sign up for my newsletter if you want to be notified when it’s available.

Third (yes, I have that much news!): Starting on February 3, Hold Back the Dark will be offered as a free read at the Pocket romance community blog, XOXO After Dark.  It will stay available for thirty days.

As always, I hope you’ll take a minute or two to browse the Books section. You’ll find descriptions, reviews and excerpts there. Also, I hope you’ll stop by Storytelling Rules where I blog on Tuesdays. I’ll be talking about books, television, movies or basically whatever’s on my mind. Leave a comment and let me know what’s on your mind as well.

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